Winter is finally over! For me, this means I can no longer make excuses to not exercise. I absolutely love running. For me it is therapy. Though once the cold weather strikes, my body and mind are basically like, “nope”. During the winter months I would much rather stay at home in my sweats eating all the pizza. I have no shame in saying I love doing that! Anyway, I’ve been back running and it feels awesome! I’m slowly increasing my mileage and picking up speed. As a reward, and also because my other shoes are dead, I decided to go shoe shopping. I initially bought a pair of Asics Gel-Nimbus 19. To be honest, I wasn’t in love with them when I purchased them. Usually with my other Asics, or go to Sauconys, I can’t wait to hit the road running. Maybe the whopping $170 price tag threw me off a bit too. Anyway, took ’em for a spin this morning and my feet immediately hated me. Even after sizing up in these shoes, I had a tingly, “asleep” sensation in my toes. I could also feel major strain in my calves. So I returned to the store, Brooking Running Co. (literally the best running shop on the planet), to exchange my Asics for something more comfortable. After about an hour and a half at the store, I ended up with a pair of Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12s and an impulse buy of New Balance’s W880v6s…don’t judge, they were on sale! I’ll be letting y’all know how these new kicks work for me!


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